Ride for Nokor Tep 2015 - Another Successs!

Dear friends and colleagues,

Well, the Ride for Nokor Tep is complete for the fourth year running.

It was great fun (some of the time), hard work (most of the time!) and life changing (all of the time). We had a few new riders this year, and it was really rewarding to see their mental determination to get through and complete it, and to still take the time to see all the amazing sights smells and sounds of Cambodia on the way through.

To recap, here’s some stats for anyone that’s interested in that kind of thing:

Day 1: 133.9km (80 miles), 5.23.23 riding time, 3,638 calories avg speed 24.9km/h (15 mph)

Day 2: 117.3km (70 miles), 4.59.02 riding time, 3,062 calories, avg speed 23.5km/h (14.1mph)

Day 3: 120km (72 miles), 4.46.56 riding time, 3,287 calories, avg speed 25.1km/h (15mph)

Day 4: 214.4km (128.6 miles), 8.00.46 riding time, 3,714 calories, avg speed 26.8km/h (16.08mph)

Day 5: 131.5km (78.9 miles), 5.57.04 riding time, 3,462 calories, avg speed 22.1km/h (13.26mph)

Total: 717.1km (430.26 miles), 29.07.11 riding time, 17,163 calories burnt, avg speed 24.7km/h (14.83mph)

Sadly, for all that hard work, I actually put on half a kilo while I was away – I guess frog and tarantula are fattening….

With the numerous fundraising initiatives and the ride itself, we have so far managed to raise approximately US$120,000 which is a record for us and takes us to almost $500,000 over the four years which is amazing, and it’s largely thanks to the hundreds or thousands of people who have so generously donated to this wonderful cause. So I thank you and the women of Cambodia thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I was blown away at the progress in the construction of the hospital since we were there a year ago; last year the basement shell was done and construction of the ground floor was commencing – this year they are onto the fourth level and I really can see the incredible building as it was planned all those years ago, starting to take shape. US$4m has been raised to date, with another $2m required to finish the building; it’s an ambitious project, but we expect it to be completed by the end of 2016. I still can’t imagine it being open and filled with patients, but I also can’t wait to see that day.

Many of you have already donated, but for those who have meant to but haven’t had time or it slipped your mind, don’t feel bad!! There’s still time!!!

 To donate, simply follow this link http://ridefornokortep.com/donation-page and state that the donation is for Bruce Ford

Our  Facebook page has been updated with lots of pictures from this year’s ride, and I’ve added a few below to give you an idea of what it was like.

Thanks again for your generosity and commitment. We will be back bigger and stronger in 2016!

Bruce Ford and RFNT 2015 Team







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